Petite Round Spark Locket | 14K

A future heirloom — this antique-inspired petite locket is made to be passed down through generations and keeps your loved ones close to your heart. Features a high-polished, gold surface that houses a genuine diamond spark.

  • 14k gold with diamond
  • 16 inch extra fine box chain
  • Pendant measures 10mm

Handmade in Vancouver 
*Please note that there is a small inscribing of Leah Alexandra designer company logo "LA" on the back of the locket

Its physical appearance is associated with valuable attributes that are relevant to living a meaningful life, such as purity, clarity and wisdom. A diamond is a stone that truly states, “I love you” in a deep way. In fact, you’ve probably heard the slogan many times that “a diamond is forever.” This is because of the stone’s symbol of deep, everlasting love, as well as the fact that it’s the hardest substance known on earth.

14K Gold
Our 14k jewelry are forever pieces! Because 14k gold will not oxidize or discolor, you can wear them all day, every day. Allowing you to always treasure them.