Florence Double Flower Jacket Earrings


If you loved our Florence Flower Earrings, but wish you could get just a bit more out of them, these super cool earrings are perfect for you! Wear them three different ways:

Both flowers at the front, with two holes to adjust the height of how close the two flowers are.

Wear the small flowers at the front with the larger flower pieces hanging from the back for a jacket look.

Or, just wear the small flowers as studs by themselves!

  • 14k gold plated 925 sterling silver
  • Big flower measures 1 & 1/8ths inches
  • Small flower measures 5/8ths of an inch
  • Silicone backings
Mother of Pearl 

Mother of pearl refers to the nacre that coats the inside layer of the mollusk shell which is used to form pearls, hence, it's the mother of the pearl. The iridescent energies will work to send out the wisdom of the heart to the people around you and will invite you to do everything with heart and intellect.