Gramercy Hoop Earrings


The Gramercy Hoop earrings have all the versatility of an everyday hoop earring, with the extra glam of a faceted gemstone rectangle. Available in Garnet, Gold Rutilated Quartz & Grey Moonstone, these huggie hoops are great for adding to your ear stack or pairing with any necklace from this collection. 


  • 14K gold-plated brass 
  • 14K gold Vermeil earring posts
  • Natural gemstones, hand-cut in India 

Castings made in Thailand

Paired & finished in Vancouver BC

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz was long disregarded by miners and mineral sorters as worthless, as only pure quartz was viewed as valuable.Around the middle of the 20th century,designers and collectors began to appreciate the ethereal beauty of rutilated quartz, sometimes likening its shimmering rutile threads to angel’s hair. Symbolically, the crystal is thought to channel celestial power, illuminating the soul and enhancing intuition.


Garnet is the embodiment of the energies of fire, passion, creativity, and strength. Fire is the spiritual representation of transformation and transmutation. It represents the power to convert energies from one to another. The stone helps to develop a sense of inner balance and contentment from which to consider how to grow, what direction to take in life, and how best to align with your soul mission and passions.