Sofia Slice Necklace | Turquoise


We can't stop dreaming about this sweet slice of turquoise! Sofia is dainty but shows a bold side with her hues of ocean blues.


  • Turquoise set in 14k gold vermeil
  • 16" fine vermeil box chain + 2" extender
  • Turquoise measures 4 x 5 mm

*All gems in the Leah Alexandra collection are natural which means no two are alike. While we cannot guarantee exact replicas of the gems pictured, we can guarantee that the gem you receive will be unique to you.


In crystal healing, the Turquoise crystal stone meaning is associated with personal protection, making it a popular protective shield for ancient warriors heading out into battle. The bright and stunning hue of the Turquoise crystal has been discovered in the ceremonial masks and battle gear of the Aztecs, a tribe that revered this decorative stone for its abilities of protection and healing.